YRDSB Cold Weather Policy

There have been a number of inquiries regarding students going outside now that the weather is colder.  York Region District School Board has an inclement weather policy which gives -20 as the guideline for keeping students indoors. That being said, we consider a number of things when deciding about outdoor versus indoor recess.

If the wind chill sits just below -20 we will often shorten the lunch recess time outdoor from 40 to 20 minutes. Morning recesses are determined by weather conditions. Theses decisions are made in concert with our board office, and principals in the family of schools area.

It is important that all students come to school dressed to go outside for a twenty minute period.  Teachers make sure that our primary students are fully dressed before they go outside.  Junior and Intermediate students are responsible for dressing warmly.  We appreciate your support in keeping our students active and warm in this winter.