Entry this morning

The weekend weather has created concerning icy conditions.  I anticipate more cars in our parking lot dropping off students this morning. Please take the necessary time to be safe this morning by driving slowly through our lot. Also, please walk carefully around the surfaces of the school.

All students are encouraged to enter the school at the front door please.

If your child is not attending, please make sure you call the office.  Please note, recesses will be indoors until conditions are safe.

Drive and walk safely.

The Great Plastic Bag Challenge

EJ Sand will be participating in the great plastic bag challenge starting April 4th in partnership with Walmart.

Students and staff are encouraged to bring in plastic bags (the kind you get at grocery stores).  Do not bring milk bags, dry cleaning bags, or plastic packaging. The deadline is Thursday, April 26.

The plastic bags will be re-purposed by compressing them into pods that are then used for research.  Schools across York Region are participating in this challenge as an eco initiative. The prizes are awarded to those schools who are most creative with their collections as well as how many bags are collected.

The EJ Sand Eco Team will be providing more details and information on this challenge and with keep you updated.  Good Luck on the challenge!


Mubashir & the Eco-Team

International Day of Pink – Tomorrow!

The International Day of Pink is happening on Wednesday, April 11, 2018.  It is a day when communities across Canada and across the world unite to celebrate diversity and raise awareness to stop all forms of discrimination and bullying.

Uniting on this day gives us an opportunity to show that as a school we stand up to bullying.  We ask all staff and students to wear pink on Wednesday to show respect for diversity and to demonstrate support for our school learning environment, one that we want to be safe and inclusive of people from all different backgrounds.

Please show your support … wear pink!

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