Busing – World on Yonge

Dear Families living at the World on Yonge Complex,

As you are aware, there were some challenges with the buses last week.  These concerns were shared by the school with the transportation coordinators and bus companies and we hope that there will not be any further disruptions.

As a result of our conversations, it became clear that there were some inconsistencies with how students were loading the buses, which resulted in the buses becoming quite full.  Given the number of new riders since September, it has become necessary for us to shuffle some of the students, based on their address/ building to a different bus.  We have been able to arrange the buses based on the common lobby shared between two of the buildings so families do not have to go to the other building to get the bus.

Your child received a letter today explaining what bus they will be on starting tomorrow afternoon, Thursday, March 8.  Please be sure to adhere to this:

Red Bus – 7171 Yonge Street

AM Route: 5002

PM Route: 3110

Blue Bus – 7165 Yonge Street

AM Route: 7248

PM Route: 988

We ask that parents are aware of the colour/ route # and ONLY place your child on that bus, even if the other bus is not there at that time.  This will help us to keep your children safe while riding the bus.

If you have any questions, you can always check schoolbuscity.org for more information.

Thank you to Mrs. Papas and Mrs. Muhammad in our office for working through this solution with our transportation department.